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Baboon Pluripotent Stem Cell Derived Retina Progenitor cells for treatment of Retina Degeneration

Texas Biomedical Research Institute


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Principal Investigator(s)
Muniz, Alberto
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Texas Biomedical Forum
Research Start Date

The work proposed in this application is a pilot study. The data acquired will be used to build the rationale for a larger application (RO1) to the NIH-NEI. Overall, this study explores the use of a large non-human primate, specifically Baboon pluripotent stem cells to a derive RPC system for translational stem cell therapy investigations. The results obtained will allow for experimental treatment development for naturally occurring non-human primate (Baboon) retina degeneration identified in the local Baboon population. This work will be directly translational to humans. TXBiomed Project: 4675

Collaborative Project
Basic Research
Disease Modeling
Regenerative Medicine