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San Antonio Medical Foundation

4E Therapeutics Custom Synthesis and Medicinal Chemistry. Part B GABA

The University of Texas at San Antonio

The University of Texas at San Antonio is an emerging Tier One research institution with nearly 29,000 students.

Principal Investigator(s)
McHardy, Stanton
Funded by
4E Therapeutics, Inc.
Research Start Date

The CIDD will continue to provide synthesis support to 4E Therapeutics to prepare and characterize compounds to support the program goals for their GABA-B drug discovery programs.The CIDD will execute synthesis routes to the targeted GABA-B analogs identified by 4E Therapeutics and fully characterize and deliver analogs to 4E Therapeutics for in vitro assessment.The CIDD at UTSA will execute the synthesis routes and prepare the targeted analogs. preparing 10-20 mg of each analog with a targeted purity of >96%. as assessed by 1H NMR and HPLC/MS.A 5-10 mg sample of the analog will be shipped to Dr. Sahn and 4E Therapeutics (along with a delivery sheet and compound supporting information) and the remaining supply of the compound will be retained as a storage sample in a designated storage area/fridge in the CIDD.Copies of NMR spectra and HPLC/MS data for compounds prepared will be provided to 4E Therapeutics as requested.The CIDD will work closely with 4E Therapeutics to prepare a sufficient number of structural analogs to support the goals of the program.

Collaborative Project
Basic Research
Drug Discovery