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Combination immunotherapy with Herceptin and the HER2 vaccine E75 in low and intermediate HER2-expressing breast cancer patients to prevent recurrence

Cancer Insight, LLC

Cancer Insight is a Texas-based boutique contract research organization (CRO) dedicated to discovering, developing and testing emerging biotechnologies focused on cancer immunotherapy. Founded by industry pioneer Dr.

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George Peoples
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This study includes patients that have been treated for node-positive (NP) or high-risk node-negative (NN) breast cancer where they are at risk for recurrence (breast cancer coming back); and also because tumor cells show a specific protein called HER2/neu on their cell surfaces. “Node-positive” means that breast cancer has been found in the lymph nodes. “High-risk node-negative” for the purposes of this trial means that breast cancer has not been found in the lymph nodes but that the tumor is not sensitive to hormones which means that a patient may be at an increased risk for recurrence.

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