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Defining the Normal Range of Postprandial Metabolic Risk: Multi-omic and multi-tissue Analysis after a Mixed Meal

Texas Biomedical Research Institute


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Principal Investigator(s)
Bastarrachea, Raul
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National Institutes of Health
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People of Mexican ancestry, both in the United States and the Republic of Mexico, have much higher risk than the US population average for cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, and hypertension (i.e., cardiometabolic risk). The overall goal of this project is to identify the molecular networks in the fasting and fed (postprandial) states that are involved in the development of this risk to increase our biological understanding of these major public health threats. Because of the intimate cultural and economic ties between the US and Mexico, we expect that our findings will ultimately contribute to better diagnosis and treatment cardiometabolic disease in Hispanics on both sides of the border.

Basic Research
Diabetes and Obesity