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Effect of Continuous Diffusion of Oxygen on Chronic Toe Ulcers


EO2 Concepts (EO2), is an advanced wound care technology company.

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Gonzaba Medical Group, San Antonio, TX
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During a retrospective study over a period of 20 months in a wound care clinic, the efficacy of using continuous diffusion of oxygen via the TransCu O2 oxygen delivery system in the treatment of toe ulcerations was assessed. The patients in the study received continuous diffusion of oxygen therapy at rates between 3 and 10 mL/hr underneath a moisture balancing dressing, and clinicians attempted to use compression when appropriate. Initially, the treating physicians placed the oxygen delivery cannula in the wound bed and covered the cannula with either calcium alginate, hydrocolloid and/or a foam dressing. They subsequently used the integrated OxySpur™ Oxygen Diffusion Dressing (EO2 Concepts). This dressing integrates the oxygen delivery cannula into a multilayer moist wound therapy dressing. Patients or caregivers change dressings as needed with physician visits approximately every week. This study was conducted at the Gonzaba Medical Group, San Antonio, TX.

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