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Snake envenomation has been declared a neglected tropical disease by the World Health Organization, with up to 5 million snakebite incidents globally, of which 3.75 million people are severely affected, resulting in 1.25 million deaths annually (Warrell, 2010; Williams et al., 2010). In large part, this high burden results from frequent encounters between the growing human and snake populations, under-developed healthcare systems, and minimal access to relevant antivenoms.

Naval Medical Research Unit San Antonio (NAMRU-SA)
LCDR Jacob J. Glaser, MD, LDR (FS), U.S. Navy

Stimulant abuse is a serious public health problem with untold medical, societal, and economic impactworldwide. Despite decades of research into the neurobiology of drug abuse, there are no FDA-approvedpharmacotherapies for stimulant abuse. One strategy to reduce the time required to get candidate medicationsinto the clinic is to repurpose drugs, already approved by the FDA for other indications, to treat stimulant abuse,and one strategy to improve the therapeutic effectiveness of a drug is to administer it in combination with seconddrug with a complimentary mechanism of action.

UT Health San Antonio
France, Charles Patrick