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San Antonio Medical Foundation


The San Antonio Bioscience Research Database.

It’s about transparency. It’s about collaboration. It’s about time.

San Antonio is a dynamic hub of cutting-edge bioscience research and innovation. Here, researchers are targeting new breakthrough discoveries and treatments for some of the most complex medical challenges facing the world today. To gather and grasp the totality of the current research activity in San Antonio would require a concerted investment of time, expertise and dedication. That is precisely the purpose of the Bioscience Research Database: to create a single, transparent source for the collection of pertinent, real-time information from the many bioscience research projects in San Antonio’s universities, institutions, military research programs and companies, and make that data readily available and accessible to a variety of audiences:

  • Anyone interested in understanding the breadth and depth of bioscience research in San Antonio
  • Scientists and researchers from around the nation and the world who are seeking collaborative research opportunities
  • San Antonio-based scientists and researchers looking to connect and collaborate with other local research organizations
  • Researchers and technicians looking to join a San Antonio-area bioscience research organization

A project coordinated by the San Antonio Medical Foundation, the San Antonio Bioscience Research Database is the first of its kind in the nation and another example of the innovative spirit embedded in the DNA of this city’s dedicated research community. Our collective goal is to collaborate, share and assist in increasing the efficacy of bioscience research for the betterment of mankind.