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The goal of this trial is to compare if and for how long trastuzumab combined with either NeuVax (nelipepimut-S given with GM-CSF [sargramostim]) or sargramostim can help control the disease in patients with HER2 positive breast cancer. NeuVax is not FDA approved or commercially available. It is currently being used for research purposes only. Sargramostim is FDA approved and commercially available to help raise patients’ white blood cell counts after chemotherapy. Giving NeuVax or sargramostim to patients with HER2-positive breast cancer is investigational.

Cancer Insight, LLC
George Peoples

The SwRI-developed human head surrogate and its test methodology show great potential for providing insights into injuries resulting from a variety of ballistic threats. With it, designers will be able to craft helmets that offer improved protection for warfighters.

Southwest Research Institute
Christopher J. Freitas, Ph.D.; James T. Mathis; Nikki Scott; Rory P. Bigger