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San Antonio Medical Foundation

Design and synthesis of CIDD-0150877 analogs and YAP1 PROTAC degraders

The University of Texas at San Antonio

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Principal Investigator(s)
McHardy, Stanton
Funded by
Univ of TX MD Anderson Cancer Ctr 506
Research Start Date

The Center for Innovative Drug Discovery (CIDD) will provide Dr. Kunal Rai at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center with the custom synthesis of PROTACs and CIDD-0150877 analogs to support their research on YAP1 degraders. The CIDD will provide the compound design on new analogs to prepare. along with the detailed experimental conditions and analytical data associated with the established synthesis routes. The CIDD will design specific analogs based on the testing results and provide full medicinal chemistry support to optimize compounds. YAP1 potency. selectivity. and physicochemical properties.

Collaborative Project
Basic Research
Drug Discovery