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Microbiome-mediated therapies for aging and healthspan in marmosets

Texas Biomedical Research Institute


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Principal Investigator(s)
Ross, Corinna
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We have previously found that geriatric marmosets have a significantly reduced microbial diversity, and we have also found in pilot testing that oral fecal transplant can be safely used to alter a young animal?s microbial community. We hypothesize that loss of microbial diversity is significantly associated with the aging process, and that oral FMT may be a potential therapeutic for healthspan maintenance. Specific Aim 1: Determine if changes in the gut microbiome with aging are associated with significant changes in measures of healthspan and lifespan. Specific Aim 2: Determine whether FMT will significantly alter a geriatric microbiome to resemble a young microbiome and improve healthspan measures.

Collaborative Project
Disease Modeling