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San Antonio Medical Foundation

Phase I/II a Trial of Folate Binding Protein (FBP) Peptides (E39 and J65) Vaccine in Ovarian and Endometrial Cancer Patients

Cancer Insight, LLC

Cancer Insight is a Texas-based boutique contract research organization (CRO) dedicated to discovering, developing and testing emerging biotechnologies focused on cancer immunotherapy. Founded by industry pioneer Dr.

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George Peoples
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The purposes of the study are as follows: 1) to test the development of a potential anticancer study called E39 peptide vaccine and J65 peptide vaccine; 2) to determine if the study vaccine is safe; 3) to determine the best dose of the study vaccine 4) to learn more about the side effects of the study vaccine and how it affects the immune system; and 5) to determine if folate binding protein expression in tumor is associated with the effectiveness of the vaccine.

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