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Rapid Ligand Pairing Strategy to Simplify Diagnostic Immunoassay Assembly

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Hayhurst, Andrew
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Mining recombinant antibody libraries for binders that function well together in an immunoassay is a critical component of developing diagnostics for infectious disease agents and assays for host biomarkers to study disease processes. While identifying antibodies that bind the antigen of interest is reasonably straightforward, combining them in a sandwich assay demands protein purification and in vitro modification, processes that rapidly escalate costs and time when pairing hundreds of potential clones. Our application seeks to eliminate the need for protein purification and modification, enabling fully functional sandwich assays to be created from small scale crude extracts of E. coli. By streamlining the immunoassay development process we allow laboratories to focus resources on the highest performing clones and accelerate the development of diagnostics and assays to help guard human welfare.

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