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Year 2 CFTEP Funding - Continuation of Analytical Chemstry Research for 1% Doramectin Product and Bm86-Based Vaccine in Cattle Against Fever Ticks

The University of Texas at San Antonio

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Principal Investigator(s)
Bach, Stephan
Funded by
US Dept of Agriculture
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Objective: Analyze doramectin levels in serum samples from cattle treated in the field to study the interaction between a 1% doramectin product and Bm86 vaccination against fever ticks. Approach: Blood samples collected during the field study will be processed at the USDA, ARS, Cattle Fever Tick Research Laboratory (CFTRL) to obtain serum. ARS will provide the serum samples to The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) to conduct the analysis per the one year field study as detailed below. The serum samples will be shipped to UTSA for analysis to determine doramectin levels. The cooperator will continue the testing of doramectin levels in bovine serum samples obtained from a field study conducted between the USDA, ARS, CFTRL and Texas A&M University (TAMU). The field study aims to confirm previous findings indicating that treatment combining a 1% doramectin product with immunization using the Bm86-based vaccine approved in the U.S. could extend the current interval of 25-28 days between injections with the 1% doramectin product followed by the Program. The immunization schedule established by the Program to vaccinate against fever ticks at 0, 30, 180 days, and every 6 months thereafter will be used to test the extended use of the 1% doramectin product as follows: Day Treatment(s) 0 Doramectin and Vaccine 30 Doramectin and Vaccine 90 Doramectin 180 Doramectin and Vaccine 270 Doramectin 360 Doramectin and Vaccine

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