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San Antonio Medical Foundation

Naval Medical Research Unit San Antonio (NAMRU-SA)

Located in South Texas on the San Antonio, Military Joint Base complex, the Naval Medical Research Unit San Antonio (NAMRU-SA) is one of eight subordinate research commands in the global network of laboratories operating under the Naval Medical Research Center, Silver Spring, MD.

NAMRU-SA’s mission is to conduct medical, craniofacial, and biomedical research, which focuses on ways to enhance the health, safety, performance, and operational readiness of Navy and Marine Corps personnel and addresses their emergent medical and oral/facial problems in routine and combat operations.

We are passionate about our mission and that deep passion fuels robust research, development, and rapid delivery of new capabilities that can save lives. NAMRU-SA’s capabilities and translational (practical application emerging from research) approach to robust research and development are well established to improve wounded warrior outcomes by supporting Navy Medicine’s goals of “Readiness, Health and Partnerships.”  These goals chart our course ahead and will be critical to countering new and emerging health threats of today and tomorrow.