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  • UTSA professor's 'rabbit fever' vaccine to be tested against coronavirus

    The San Antonio Partnership for Precision Therapeutics, a consortium of four bioscience research institutions, is pitching in $200,000 to find out.

  • U of Michigan, Deerfield partner on drug discovery projects

    ... over the next decade to invest in biomedical research at the school with the aim of developing potentially life-saving drugs and disease treatments.

  • Why COVID-19 immunity passports may violate US law

    As a law professor who has written about legal issues raised by new biotechnologies, I'm concerned about the potential legal and ethical ramifications ...

  • Asia Today: Philippines trying to ease quarantine congestion

    VACCINE TRIAL BEGINS: U.S. biotechnology company Novavax began injecting a coronavirus vaccine candidate into people in Australia with hopes ...

  • Risks complicate reopenings as WHO warns 1st wave not over

    Tests by a U.S. biotechnology company, Novavax, have begun in Australia with hopes of releasing a proven vaccine this year. A Novavax executive ...