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  • Commercial-Property Sales Volume Returns to Prepandemic Levels

    ... apartment buildings, warehouses and office buildings that cater to pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. ... by Dallas; Atlanta; Phoenix; Austin, Texas; Tampa, Fla.; Nashville, Tenn., and San Antonio, Real Capital said.

  • Appeals court upholds conviction of NY man in terror case

    Authorities said Kourani came to the U.S. legally in 2003, earning a bachelor's degree in biomedical engineering in 2009 and a master's degree in ...

  • Destination Paradise Releases Video Titled 'Texas 4 K Relaxation Film'

    ... energy, computers and electronics, aerospace, and biomedical sciences. ... Those heading to San Antonio can hope to soak up some history at the ...

  • No monkey business: ET, the world's first test-tube baboon, was born in San Antonio 38 years ago

    However, San Antonio newspaper archives are replete with other primate studies from the foundation, which changed its name to the Texas Biomedical ...

  • Eating for hunger or pleasure involves regulating different brain circuits

    ... Agricultural University, University of Texas Health at San Antonio, University ... a Pew Scholarship of Biomedical Sciences and a Kavli Scholarship.